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Sunday, December 18, 2005


  • The United States military industrial complex with Dick Cheney in command planned and executed 9/11.

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  • Google: "Arrest Bush 41"

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    Play any DVD or video of the South Tower impact and when the alleged Boeing 767 comes into view hit the pause on your remote and then single step until the "plane" is completely absorbed - enfolded - into the tower. You will - or certainly should - be absolutely positive that the video is a fake. See the animated, cartoon 767 MELT - there is no other word for it - into the building like a hot wire through butter. You will see no shuddering, vibration or crunching of the lightweight aluminium airframe as it slams into the exterior aluminium cladding, the many windows, the many high-grade-steel perimeter columns (one meter apart on center) and the many cross-trussed-steel-and-concrete floors; no crater-like indentation formed into the side of the tower; no breaking off or shearing of the wings or tail-fin - even the thin wing-tips slice through floors; and hear very little sound on impact, etc...etc. And you will certainly NOT see any "confetti" cascading down. (This confetti nonsense comes from a fighter jet being slammed head-on into a rigid three-meter-thick block of solid concrete - not a 65 ton airliner slamming into a building with many windows and designed to "give" slightly in high winds). As for the "official" version - puhleeze, don´t make me laugh.

    Or go visit http://www.911hoax.com

    Then, to see how the floors and exterior of the tower were constructed, go here: http://www.serendipity.li/wot/wtc_ch2.htm .

    If anyone still isn´t convinced of its fakery, then they are truly brain-dead.


    Consider the LIVE footage where we see the SAME CNN (or CBS) feed - on ALL channels (don't forget these Zionist Bozos have already got together on "how to cover the next terrorist attack", and no doubt did so before 9/11). All we see for about TWO seconds is a silhouette - with no depth perception and reflected light, whatsoever - resembling an aircraft, travelling from west to east into the blazing sun, before it conveniently disappears behind the North Tower. The entire South Tower IS NOT SEEN. This live feed could easily have been delayed for x seconds before transmission - enough time for the techno-spooks to insert the artifact/animation, when they knew the rough location of the fireball. The artifact can, of course, be inserted in real time, anyway. This is BY FAR the VERY BEST angle - side on to the artifact at optimum distance (no detail) and a totally hidden South Tower - to deceive us. (And all set up in a choatic New York in less than 17 minutes! Miracles will never cease). But it comes at a price: the artifact in later doctored VIDEO transmissions has to execute a near-impossible (some pilots say impossible) banking maneuver for such a giant airliner, so that the angles, the artifact's "flight path", the explosion and the damage to the building, correlate.

    After this "live" footage, OBVIOUSLY, ALL SUBSEQUENT TRANSMISSIONS ARE FROM VIDEO, some from different angles, which were, and are, continually being refined with each transmission (eg. the widening of the artifact's arc of approach and angle of attack from 2-3 o'clock to 1-2 o'clock as viewed from the north). All this can easily be done. When was a different "angle of attack" televised after that brief "live" hit? Not for many hours later. MINUTES are enough to accomplish the doctoring of all videos, from all angles.

    All the "amateur" (my ass) videos have been thoroughly - and brilliantly - debunked by many specialists.

    (As for the "WTC impact footage from WNYW" proclaimed by some, boy-o-boy, that sure is a Boeing 767 now ain't it? Well, robertsyourmothersbrother! Nosireebob.That could quite easily be a cruise missile or a flying turd just about to hit the device that consists of a series of vanes radiating from a hub rotated on its axle by a motor. Scores of technicians needed to pull off the caper? Bullshit. Just one outside broadcast van and crew will do.)


    Assuming they didn't know from what direction the hit was coming, they had only SEVENTEEN MINUTES MAXIMUM to set up their gear in a chaotic NYC; and why would they be focusing on the SOUTH side of the SOUTH Tower? All the action was on the NORTH side of the NORTH Tower. 450mph = 220 meters per second, so they would have had very little time - SECONDS - to see, never mind locate and focus on, the missile from ANY southerly vantage point. What a miraculous CNN video that was! And good 'eavens Evan's! Et les "Naudet Freres"! C'est Impossible! You won the lottery thrice-over there, boyos. QUICK, TAKE A CAMERA SHOT OF THAT MISSILE, Y'ALL ! TOO LATE. YOU MISSED IT, BOYS.

    As any psychologist will tell you, eyewitness testimony must always be taken with a dollop of salt, especially when - in shock and well after the event they are recalling - the meme of planes-planes-planes has been thoroughly implanted. And where were the 100+ Israeli spooks and FEMA that morning? I would bet my bottom dollar they were playing their roles as false-eyewitnesses (and fake-evidence planters) at the WTC - just like the ubiquitous, impossibly-located "Naudet brothers" - and at the Pentagon. Assume the missile (or no missile at all, just explosives in the building itself) comes in from the south. Most people are looking, if they are looking at all, directly at the gaping hole and smoke on the north side of the North Tower. So, like us watching the live transmission, they cannot possibly see it. Witnesses at ground level have hardly any chance of seeing it, even from the south, east, or west, what with all the obscured views and so little time; and they have no sound - certainly not the deafening roar a giant airliner, 250 meters away, flying at 450+ mph, would make in the thick air of Manhattan - to aid their senses. This is a near-silent, very fast moving air-to-surface (White jet, anyone?) or surface-to-surface missile (Woolworth Building anyone?) we're talking about.


    Let us count the ways:

    1. PNAC; Major Neo-cons; Spy rings, Organizations etc: http://www.antiwar.com/justin/j030802.html

    2. - The Mossad (ie. al-Qaeda) "hijackers" - art students - and their inappropriate (for devout Muslims) exploits and easily traced meanderings; Attaboy and his gang aboard super-Zionist Abramoff's casino ship; and the Zionist controlled FBI ensuring the "hijackers" safe-passage..

    3. Israeli security company in charge at Boston, Newark and Dulles airports. (Same company in charge at London Underground on 7/7).

    4. Cheney and his Zionist-team war-games; back-door hacking of the FAA's Air Traffic Control (ATC) Israeli-written computer software; Israeli owned and controlled electronic communication networks; ATC frequencies for voice; fake cell-phone calls.

    5. Zionist owned and controlled MSM for the WTC-hit hoax; TV and video deception - airliner animations overlaying missiles; Or no missiles - just explosions in the buildings; Zionist controlled press for fake passenger lists; etc....

    6. Three Zionist/Israeli owned/leased WTC buildings brought down by controlled demolitions; Zionist Ghouliani's WTC7 bunker - operations and control center; stupendous insurance payouts; nothing politically big happens in NYC without Zionist approval

    7. Israeli companies warned of WTC attacks hours beforehand; Zim-Israeli Shipping moved out of Twin Towers weeks before 9/11; ZERO Israelis killed in the WTC hits and demolitions; Urban Moving Systems; the dancing Israelis.

    8. Many put options traced to Israeli banks

    9. Israel - prime benificiary of 9/11.

    10. The Pentagon hit with Rumsfeld and Israeli-Zionists Wolfowitz, Zakheim et al.

    Evidence linking these Israelis to 9/11 is classified. I cannot tell you about evidence that has been gathered. It's classified information." US official quoted in Carl Cameron's Fox News report on the Israeli Spy Ring : http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/spyring.html


    No airliner hit the North Tower; no airliner hit the South Tower, no airliner hit the Pentagon. There were no airliners involved in the 9/11 hits. Try missiles. Or just explosions in the buildings themselves. And a media (mostly TV and video) deception.

    The three WTC towers were brought down by controlled demolitions: The Twin Towers EXPLODED; WTC7 IMPLODED. The Twin Towers were immensely strong and needed a very energetic agent - high explosives from near-top to bottom and in the basements near the bedrock - to bring them down. This has been proven beyond a shadow of doubt: see "Waking up from our Nightmare" by Don Paul and Jim Hoffman, as one proof among many.

    Whatever happened to the passengers (did all of them actually exist?) and crews of the pseudo-hijacked flights AA11 & 77 and UA93 & 175 - how, where, when (and IF) they were killed - is anybody´s guess. The FAA uses Israeli-written software for its ATC and it is my guess that the only flight-paths those four "hijacked" airliners took on 9/11 were in computer memory. Why use real planes when simulated ones can fool ATC far more easily and efficiently? No wonder NORAD couldn't find the runaway airliners on its radar; and any fighter jets scrambled, based on ATC data, would have been chasing their own tails trying to intercept thin air.

    This is indeed Occam's Razor at its sharpest. No longer do we need the infamous stand-down, FAA incompetence, NORAD complicity (except in the high-level coverup) and incomprehensible flight-paths - although we still need the war-games for maximum confusion and for the pseudo-hijackings. Thus is a massive amount of deadwood and personnel eliminated from the caper. In fact, the no-planes explanation is the ONLY rational, completely logical explanation there is; all the other theories have far too many potential pitfalls (eg. remote control; real planes flying hundreds of miles can miss their targets or be shot down) and far too many people to have successfully kept a lid on it.

    9/11 was a near-as-dammit Israeli false-flag atrocity with (real but traitorous) Americans frantically engaged in a headless-chickenesque coverup. It was ordered by the International Zionist Bankers, headquartered in the square-mile City of London and their satraps in Wall Street, Basle and Tel Aviv, and via their Royal Institute of International Affairs (Round Table), Council on Foreign Relations and Bilderbergers. Their main terrorist-attack-dog is Israel; their brawn, America; their whore, Britain. Their fraudulent global fiat money - created out of thin air, interest-bearing, debt-based - system is bankrupt and their only way to perpetuate the scam (and their obscene wealth) is Imperialism leading to Totalitarian One World Government.

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