911: Bin Laden innocent ?

Sunday, December 18, 2005



On the 11 of september 2001, the building No 7 of the World Trade Center (WTC7 47 stories) fell at near free-fall speed (*1) which implies that the steel structures between the floors gave very little risistance. This only happens when the floors are exploded simultaneously as in a controlled demolition.

In a September 2002 PBS documentary(*2) called 'America Rebuilds,' Larry Silverstein (who was the beneficiary of the 3.1 billion dollar assurance policy contacted only weeks before 911) admitted that the towers were pulled by the New York fire department.

The two other high towers WTC1 et WTC2 fell in exactly the same way by explosives. It is highly unlikely that Bin Laden with his men could have placed the explosives in these buildings.

Secretary of State Colin Powell promised the world to give us the proof of Bin Laden's participation on the 911 attacks. Today we are still waiting for this proof ! Colin Powell has never stopped lying to us (*3) !

George Bush and his government have continued to lie about big issues to trick the American people to invade defenceless countries like Afganistan and Iraq. (Tomorrow the Syria or Iran ?)

How many people in America still think that Saddam Hussien had weapons of mass distruction ?
How many people still think that Saddam Hussein helped Ben Laden in the 911 mass murder ? (Bin Laden was Saddam Hussein's blood enemy.) The propaganda machine has worked well. And it is still working as an on going scenario like in "Wag the Dog" (*4)

Geoge Bush and the neocons will bring the world's destruction if we do not bring out the truth about the
-- mass murder of 911.
-- the mass murder in Afganistan and Iraq
-- the torture on our fellow human beings
-- the use of phosphore bombs in iraq
-- the illegal activites of the CIA in the word ( assasination, manipulation etc)

Ben Laden is not innocent for all the bad things he has done but for the 911 attacks I believe it was an inside job and that Bin Laden is not guilty for that.

I propose that all of us in the world who want the truth wear a tee-shirt like the one on this blog with the slogan "Bin Laden 911 innocent ?" in order to provoke the public to react , to think and to debate on 911 attacks.



*1 http://www.google.fr/search?hl=fr&client=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla%3Afr-FR%3Aofficial_s&q=911+WTC+free+fall+wtc+7&btnG=Rechercher&meta=